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Mode 3: Schumann Resonance - Schumann Resonance

  • Schumann Resonance - also called Earth frequency.

  • This frequency has enormous importance for human health.

  • The frequency is a very low frequency of 7.83 Hz (cycles per second) and studies

Many who have been conducted on it have discovered that it has a very great effect on improving a person's health.

  • This frequency has been studied for many years by NASA - the American Space Agency.

  • Many special sensors have been set up on Earth - in the USA,

in North and South America, Asia and Antarctica to receive these waves  that are in our atmosphere.

How are these waves created?

At any given moment, there are about 2000 lightning strikes on Earth. The lightning creates electromagnetic resonance waves and moves within the earth's atmosphere and rises to the ionosphere and from there returns to the surface of the earth.

The frequency of these waves was discovered by a German physicist named  Winfried Otto Schumann in 1952 and named after him.

Since then, many studies have been done on these waves, and the positive effects they have on human health.

They appear as standing waves at these low frequencies - (called ELF - Extremely Low Frequency)

Schumann discovered that there is a correlation between the pulse of the earth, and the fundamental frequency of the human brain and most mammals. As it turned out, the Schumann frequency is the same as our brain frequency during theta waves on the border of alpha waves - they are the frequencies at which the brain operates when we are on the border between sleep and wakefulness, and also when we practice meditation. These are the frequencies in the brain, which are responsible for "charging" the body with energy, for the functioning of the immune system and other body systems, as well as mood, creativity, the ability to learn or remember, and more.


Research done on the health effect of Schumann Resonance:

In the sixties, a scientist named Rick Weaver conducted an experiment in which he isolated a group of 80 students in a sealed bunker.

40 students stayed in a normal room, and 40 stayed in an isolated and shielded room that did not allow the Schumann Resonance waves to reach.

 After several weeks in the bunker, there was a deterioration in both the physical, mental and mental condition of the students who stayed in the room without Schumann Resonance, in contrast - those who stayed in a non-isolated room - felt no change.

The phenomena stopped almost immediately, after this frequency was played to them using a frequency generator.

The experiment proved that the Earth's pulse frequency is essential for our life.

In fact today, NASA - and other space agencies, make sure to play Schumann's frequency, regularly on all flights into space, after the first astronauts who returned to Earth, experienced severe adjustment difficulties due to his absence.


Most of the day we are confined in closed places and make sure to wear shoes that isolate us from the natural fields that are necessary to nourish our body systems. This makes us understand better why many times our feeling improves just by leaving the house under the dome of the sky and stepping our feet on the ground.


In the Brain Wavez device - there is an option (mode 3) to increase the brain waves at the Schuman frequency - 7.83 Hz - and enjoy improved health, relaxation, pain reduction and many other benefits.

The recommendation is to start with 15 minutes at this frequency - and increase to several times a day.

Over time - there will be an improvement in physical health and function.

How do Schumann waves form in the atmosphere?

Comprehensive studies on the Schumann frequency - Schumann Resonance

Mode 2: Increasing learning capacity and memory with the help of the BrainWavez

Research done at the Technion revealed an amazing phenomenon:

If you study material for several hours, and then raise the brain waves at the theta frequency for half an hour - everything we learned is more firmly embedded in the brain, and the memory improves.

We will bring the research itself later.

Mode 2 on the Brain Wavez device is designed to increase the theta waves in the brain and is called Improve Learning.

After you have studied for several hours - the process of mode 2 for 20-30 minutes - will increase the memory and learning capacity of the studied material.

The improvement in memory also occurs if you learn something motor - like playing the piano.

The Technion's complete research on improving memory and learning ability

Mode 8: Reducing dementia in Alzheimer's with the help of Brain Wavez

In recent years, over 3,000 studies have been carried out on the subject, reaching the following conclusions:

  • If you increase the gamma waves (40 Hz) in the brain for an hour a day - after 3 weeks there is an improvement in the dementia of Alzheimer's patients.

  • Mode 8 on the Brain Wavez device allows you to increase the gamma waves in the brain.

  • We are attaching one of the studies here.

The complete study of the Department of Neurology of MIT University USA
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