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What is Brain Wavez based on ?

BrainWavez is based on a new technology (second generation) developed by the Brain1 company - and is based on acoustic elements that enable the creation of brain waves by external means.

The new technology is a second generation - after the first generation which was based on the manipulation of sound in existing songs that produced suitable brain waves.

The first generation was developed by Brain1 in 2016, and the second generation was developed in 2019.

Brain1's new technology is the most advanced and effective in the world for generating brain waves.


Scientific evidence for the effectiveness of the technology:

The new technology was tested in the EEG laboratory and gave amazing results.

There are currently 3 existing technologies in the field of Brain Waves Entrainment in the world, but their efficiency is very low.

1) Binaural Beats 

This technology is based on the theory that if you play a certain frequency in one ear, and another frequency in the other​, the brain produces the difference between the 2 frequencies.

In brain studies done by Brain1   - with the help of the most sophisticated EEG equipment in the world - she discovered that the effectiveness of the Binaural Beats method is very low.

2) Monaural Beats and 3) Isochronic tones:

In brain studies done by Brain1, she discovered that these technologies are not effective at all.

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